Styles Essay

Styles Essay

Essays generally are short pieces of writing consisting of five paragraphs: an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction should contain a thesis statement that states your topic. The essays avoid using the first person, in sentences like “I think” or “in my opinion”. Instead, the essay writers should set things back up all the information and citing your references. Before doing this, you should know what style to go essay your assignment.

Persuasive and Argumentative

Persuasive and argumentative essays are similar, but differ in the fact that persuasive writemyessay essays attempt to convince readers to believe in their views on something while an argumentative essay explains multiple viewpoints in a fair presentation.


The essay writers should use statistics and data on the content of the essay, while trying to appeal to the emotions of the readers.

Cause and effect

The essays examine cause and effect relationships between an event or circumstance and potential effects or results that may arise. Possible topics for cause and effect essays include the effect of parents with alcoholism on children, the effect of mental illness on the ability to work in a person and how lack of sleep affects the performance of students in the school. Writers should use research to discover the effects that have been scientifically essayed or through professional education, but should avoid include opinions or things that cannot be proved conclusively.

Informational or research

An informative essay or research tries to educate the reader about certain topic. These essays are similar in construction to an encyclopedia or a textbook, using information that can be supported by data. A narrower issue will result in a more focused work. For example, you could write about autism rather than mental, or even more narrow focus disorders, you could write about autism in children instead of autism in general.

Literary or review

A review essay shows the reader’s opinion on something like a book, a research paper, a play, a story, a movie or anything you can see or read. The writer should use data or specific examples to support your opinion. A literary essay is similar because it focuses on a specific work of art. These types of essays differ in the essay of reviews focuses on the reader’s opinion about the piece and if you find it entertaining, while a literary essay focuses more on the content of the piece. For example, an essay about a book may include plot, characters, theme, tone and overall purpose or meaning, while a review essay may include some of these objects, but also include the writer’s opinion on certain aspects of the work.