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Affordable Group Program - SA,Ghana,Kenya,Uga,Tan.

Volunteer, Family,Construction and Architectural Students

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Avaliable in: Ghana South Africa Tanzania Uganda


Are you looking forward to joining a group program to Africa to change lives? Are you looking for help to organize a group program to Africa for a life-changing experience? Are you looking for a program next to nothing when it comes to cost for your group to Africa? You are at the right place, the right program with the right people. We know the worries and the stress involved in organizing group program. Do you want to make an impact in people’s lives? Do you want to touch lives? Do you want to give back to the communities? Thinking of where to go and where really the needs are? Thinking of the right program? Thinking of how to get there? Thinking of safety, the health of the group members, transportation from the airport and back to the airport, transportation from the accommodation to the project and back to the accommodation, decent accommodation to stay, very good food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), drinking water and visa application? These are not your problem anymore. Email us, whatsup us or give us a call. Give those worries and stress to us. We are born here, we live here, we work here, and we know where really the help is needed. Your safety, your goals, and satisfaction are our top priorities! NO MIDDLE MAN INVOLVED! We will make it happen for you and your group. We will organize the program for you and beyond your expectation. STAESA group program provides immersive, authentic, comprehensive, enriching experience and gives you an opportunity as a group to engage fully with a new culture, forge strong relationships, and challenge yourselves. We know what you want as a group, we understand your goal to travel as a group and we will make the trip so easy, program achievable, very affordable and next to nothing in terms of cost. This is a tailored made program. We get the group or the leader(s) of the group involved in the planning. The program includes local drumming and dancing, educational sightseeing to interesting places, program T-shirts, internet wifi, daily evaluation meeting. The group leader(s) join the program for free.



This group includes everyone from the ages of 17 to 70 years old. We have something for everyone. No previous skills required. Volunteers can work at either at an orphanage, day-care, school or after school program. Possible tasks for volunteers include helping with homework, teaching English, teaching maths, teaching science subjects, playing with the children, and organizing activities such as renovation; fixing broken floors, fixing broken walls, fixing broken doors and windows, broken tables and chairs, painting inside and outside of the school and orphanage, building new toilets, building playing grounds, teaching sports, crafts, reading, dancing, and singing. The program is to strengthened relationships among members of the group, members of the community and to also to encourage building teamwork skills. Together, a goal is set and successfully completed within the short time of stay of the group.Join us in the following countries South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda


Generous is the right word that defines us to the core of our activities. We give supports that have a direct impact on the communities and the people. We provide shelters for the needy, for the neglect and abuse children, Provide school blocks for the needy communities and construct community libraries for the underprivileged communities. Our priority is people first! We welcome you and your team to join us in the construction of school block, home for kids and libraries in South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda. This is an opportunity for the group to bring the lessons in the classroom to the field to complete a building project. Some of our projects are ongoing while others are about to start. STAESA will like to work with you and your group to make your dream and the dream of the community come true. Your program will be supervised by a qualified architects and construction engineers for your academic credits. We are happy to inform you that two leaders of the group join the program for free.


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Driven by her experience in volunteering with STAESA children program, this is her second visit to Ghana and this time with her family: first of all, we will like to thank STAESA for giving us this opportunity. The experience is always amazing says Julia and her family!” We are coming back again! We urge families who are planning to do something meaningful together to visit this project. STAESA makes the whole family travel very easy. It’s an opportunity that gives younger children transformation into a bright future and immerses into a new culture. The older children get so much happiness. Hope and life-changing experience in addition to learning the value of personal responsibility and commitment. This is a family strong ties program. It takes the family out of the usual daily life. TRAVELING as a family is one of the most rewarding parts of life. Family travel provides experiences that your children will never forget and along with the wholesome family memories. Regardless of which country volunteer work abroad project you choose, your whole family will have the opportunity to become immersed culturally, help others in need, travel, and explore together

STAESA is here to help in the planning of your travel to Africa to touch lives and make a difference in children’s lives. We are part of THE family’s itinerary and we know what you want and how to handle the family program with lots of fun. We will see to your volunteering activities, airport pickup and drop, transport from your accommodation to the project and back to your accommodation, educational sightseeing, free local drumming and dancing lessons, very clean safe accommodation and all meals ( Breakfast, Lunch and dinner) included for next to nothing when it comes to cost. Why simply take a trip together when you can do so much more? Discover a world with us. Learn about others and yourselves. Touch lives and make an impact in the community.  Join us in the following countries South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda.


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Back in 2009, STAESA started working toward filling a hole in the education reach in South Africa.  We recognized that those with physical and/or mental disabilities just weren't getting the same level of education as their otherwise able family and friends.  To combat this, we started working with a school in Cape Town focused on providing an education to school-aged children with special needs.

For the past 7 years, we've been delighted to send volunteers to help in a variety of ways and we'd feel privileged to have you join the ranks.  

Teachers: volunteers are needed to teach maths and English. These two subjects are the primary focus of the class, however, many students have interest in a variety of other subjects and are taught ad hoc.
Social Workers: Perhaps you have skills in social work or first aid.  Helping special needs students with their integration into society is crucial for these young people.
Physical ed/Rehab: Others will be able to assist with physical exercise or rehabilitation, promoting mobility and independence.
Construction: if your skills are in construction, there is always some work needed in this area and we'd love your help. Volunteering in our construction programme could lay the way to Cape Town where you'd be able to fix classroom doors, windows, floors, and paint.
Landscapers:  With sports being such a huge part of the South African culture, STAESA is working to provide a safe and reliable playing field for the kids, occasioning them to interact with their community more and improve social skills.

Whatever your skills, we'd like to invite you to consider our Special Needs School programme.  Volunteers are placed with host families in the local community. Work at the school starts from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm excluding Saturday and Sunday. There is always a mentor to guide you on what to do daily at the school. This is a very busy programme with lots of activities to do and many great rewards to be gained.

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