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Orphanage Africa-Real People! Real Program

Work closely with children who have lost their parents or experienced neglect or abuse.

Programme types: Volunteering Short Programmes Projects

Avaliable in: Benin Botswana Cameroon Ghana India Malawi Mali Namibia Nigeria Senegal South Africa Tanzania Togo Uganda Zambia

Featured Projects: Construction Project In Ghana. Hands-On Experience


Do you want to give back to the world? Do you want to see these kids smile? Do you want to help provide a child at least a meal?  Then, this programme is for you. Be a hero, break the box, come and work with these kids and put a smile on their faces. You’ve got everything to make these kids happy.

STAESA's orphanage programme provides a great opportunity to work very closely with children who have lost their parents or experienced neglect or abuse. The big smiles and love of these children towards anyone who is willing to help them in any way leaves lots of memories in the minds of all volunteers, making it hard to part from them at the end of the programme. The volunteers and interns teach basic and conversational English or French, depending on the country. Activities include games, drawing, organizing sightseeing days with the children, feeding, washing the children and other creative activities.

Resources are really in short supply in many countries, but it’s amazing to see the children always happy and getting involved in anything fun!

Activities include the following:

  • Teaching – The programme includes teaching language, maths, science, sports, music, agriculture, or computing in the school where the orphans attend. Provide extra support and guidance in a self-contained classroom kindergarten and primary one to six. Some countries and areas allow you to provide special one on one support and guidance to special needs students. The programme also includes after-school orphanage programme – helping the kids with their home works and storytelling.
  • Field – Outside the Orphanage: earmark sites for development for those in the Construction programmes or just take the kids to the park for a game of football.
  • Home duties – Helping in the kitchen to prepare meals, feeding, washing, drying and helping in the orphanage farm.
  • Coaching programme – football, tennis, basketball or volleyball. Supervised free play, assistance with homework or working with some of the disabled children at the orphanage.
  • Administration Work – Administrative volunteers provide advice regarding establishing more interesting programmes, improving the facilities and intakes, improving upon teaching methods and general programmes, meeting governing departmental heads in the school/orphanage, work with hospitals/clinics where the orphans attend when they are sick, help in data collection including other administrative schedules and fundraising activities. Organise and execute training for the staff in the orphanage, assist in the development and improvement of the school curriculum in all subject for the teachers and the volunteers to follow. Support the head teacher in daily class lessons as well as other programmes in both the school and the orphanage. Assess, monitor and support new intakes into the orphanage and into the school.

While not required, volunteers are encouraged to raise more funds for the orphanage at home before coming. The funds will be used to keep the orphanage up and running and to get more toys and school supplies for the orphans. Volunteers are welcome to bring children books, toys, old shoes, t-shirts, soccer balls and old computers for the orphanage.


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Apply to STAESA Now

Your application is read thoroughly by your country coordinator. We encourage everyone to apply since our infrastructure can handle many more participants. We want more people to walk away with a great African experience, so we look forward to reading all your applications.

Send an email to info@staesa.org with the following elements:

  1. Filled PDF application form
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Résumé

If you have problems saving or reading the PDF file, download and install the latest Adobe Reader. If you are still having problems, please contact us and we can provide you with another method of submitting your application.

If we accept your application, you will be notified via email and will be asked to pay the $75 processing fee as soon as possible to ensure that we can reserve your placement. The deposit is not part of your programme fee. The entire programme fee should be paid before your arrival in Africa. Our preferred method of payment is wire transfer to our bank account in South Africa.