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Teach Abroad. Amazing Children! Great Program!

Teaching, Social Work and Administration in Primary Schools, High Schools and Vocational Institutions.

Programme types: Volunteering Short Programmes Projects

Avaliable in: Benin Botswana Cameroon Ghana India Kenya Lesotho Malawi Mali Namibia Nigeria Senegal South Africa Tanzania Togo Uganda Zambia

Featured Projects: Affordable Group Program - SA,Ghana,Kenya,Uga,Tan.


The education programme is where STAESA branches out of Africa and provides assistance in South Asia, as well.

STAESA'S education programme provides a great opportunity to work very closely with primary schools, high schools, and vocational institutions. The programme allows volunteers to get direct contact with children to share their knowledge and make an impact in the kids’ lives. Often, volunteers are placed with a host family living very close to the school. Volunteers are given a curriculum to study before they are allowed to teach, offering the children consistency and the volunteers structure. There is always a mentor who comes around to the class to help and make sure teaching methods are properly followed by the volunteer. STAESA’S teaching programme is run in both rural and urban areas.

The education programme is particularly popular with volunteers as it's one of the quickest ways to put smiles on children's faces - the cultures in Africa and Asia ensure the kids are keen to learn and knowing that they're learning is a great reason to smile and celebrate.

Activities may include:

  • Classroom: The programme can include teaching language (usually English or French), maths, science, sports, music, cantata, agriculture, computer programmes. Provide extra support and guidance in a self-contained classroom which might be anywhere K-6, or one on one support and guidance for special needs students. Sometimes the school work could be combined with a sports programme – the school in the morning and run a sports course in the afternoon: often football in Africa and cricket in India.
  • Social Work: Helping in the kitchen to prepare breakfast and lunch, helping in the school farm, environmental club and fundraising activities (for school feeding activities, free school uniform and free school books)
  • Administration: Administrative volunteers provide advice regarding establishing more interesting school programmes, expanding school facilities and intakes, improving upon teaching method in the school, meeting governing departmental heads in the schools, work with parent/teacher association programmes, help in data collection including other administrative schedules and fundraising activities. Organise and execute training for teachers and administrative staff, assist in the development and improvement of the school curriculum in all subject for the teachers and the volunteers to follow. Support the head teacher in daily class lessons as well as other programmes in the school. Facilitate and co-lead groups for teenage youth in various school, plan weekly activities to empower and promote awareness around positive female body image and reproductive health.

In most countries, the average size of a class is around 30 students., with ages ranging from 6 to 23 years.

While not required, volunteers are encouraged to perform some fundraising activities before their arrival at the school.  Bringing some donations of books, sports kits, and writing materials would be greatly appreciated by the teachers and children alike.

Special needs trained teachers are very welcome to teach in any country, but STAESA operates a school for physically and mentally challenged children based in Cape Town.


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