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Village Adoption Volunteers- Touching Lives

For families or businesses wanting to adopt a specific project or village.

Programme types: Projects

Avaliable in: Benin Ghana Lesotho Malawi Mali Senegal Tanzania Togo Uganda

Adoption of a village is one of the most common requests we hear – some people really want to help a whole community, not just an individual.

Our Village Adoption programme is for families, schools, individuals, CEOs and businesses. Whatever help you give to the impoverished community really helps everyone.  A majority of the villagers live in dilapidated housing and seek out a living by farming small plots of land. The majority in the villagers we deal with live on less than the equivalent of €35, £20 or US$40 per month. The villages are often deprived of portable drinking water, decent school blocks, proper educational facilities / teachers. Access to quality health is very difficult - the villagers have to walk long distances to access any health service. Youth development programmes are lacking, school dropout/early pregnancy and early mortality is the order of the day, hunger/poverty is high and can be seen everywhere in most villages, and unemployment is everywhere.

The problems look so scary and enormous but the solution to these problems is very simple. We believe that in partnership with you or your team, we can bring solutions to the problems in these villages. All that the village sometimes needs is to have someone like you to take the lead and show the way out. The people in the village are very committed, dedicated, smart and lovely people who can help make things happens.

Come with your ideas! Come with your charisma! Come with your leadership drive skills! To adopt a whole village is very simple and easy. You will be working with the entire village folks who like to learn and adapt to new changes regarding development in the village.

When you or your team join STAESA village adoption programme you will be in partnership with the elders, the king and the queen of the village to be in charge and control of the programmes/projects in the village. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

For those individuals who desire to roll-up their sleeves and get “dirty” in an effort to bring meaningful change to a village in Africa, STAESA has many village volunteer opportunities.


  • Identifying the hunger problem and putting into place solutions to assist the villages to become self-sustaining in the areas of food production and crop protection
  • Design and implement programmes to stimulate economic development, fight poverty, and showcase the rich culture of the villages
  • Design and implement sport programmes or any entertainment activities to keep the villages alive.
  • Design a programme that helps to entices the school dropout from the street and back to school
  • Design a fund raising programme for the construction of news classroom blocks, toilet and library in the village
  • Working in partnership with health care officials and local agencies to engage and assist in the implementation and carrying out of programs that are intended to promote wellness and help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and other preventable illnesses.

Project Adoption

Volunteers can also choose to adopt a specific project in the village. Adopting a particular project in the village actually help to accelerate development project in the village. We already have existing projects that needs helping hands to make it happen. In some cases the volunteer works in partnership with the village to tailor a project that will bring a meaningful change in the village. The volunteer is involved in the planning of the project till the finishing of the project. The volunteer will help in the fund raising activities towards the project and also help in design a program to keep the project up and running after completion.

Apply to STAESA Now

Your application is read thoroughly by your country coordinator. We encourage everyone to apply since our infrastructure can handle many more participants. We want more people to walk away with a great African experience, so we look forward to reading all your applications.

Send an email to with the following elements:

  1. Filled PDF application form
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Résumé

If you have problems saving or reading the PDF file, download and install the latest Adobe Reader. If you are still having problems, please contact us and we can provide you with another method of submitting your application.

If we accept your application, you will be notified via email and will be asked to pay the $75 processing fee as soon as possible to ensure that we can reserve your placement. The deposit is not part of your programme fee. The entire programme fee should be paid before your arrival in Africa. Our preferred method of payment is wire transfer to our bank account in South Africa.