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Adafienu Orphanage

Orphanage in Ketu District, Ghana.

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Just three hours east of Accra, STAESA has initiated and is funding the construction of an orphanage in a community called Adafienu in the Ketu South District, Ghana. We chose Adafienu for a number of reasons: the poverty rate, the hub of social problems, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, child abuse, child labour and an alarming school dropout rate.

After doing much research and community consultation, we determined that the best solution would be to build an orphanage which would house much more than the average. This orphanage has been designated to serve a great purpose for the supporting communities and our plans include facilities to provide basic school education, a resources centre, a skill training centre and a community centre to attract ongoing local community involvement.

This project started in 2013 and is progressing steadily to the amazement of everyone, but three years is still a long time and we need your assistance to bring this project to completion.  The orphanage, when completed, will be the home for up to 70 children (mainly orphans, the needy, the street kids, abused children and disabled children) from the ages of 0 to 17.  Our main focus area is the provision of superior care to those children who have been orphaned or require alternative care due to abuse, neglect or abandonment as well as children that are affected or infected by many stigmatised illnesses including HIV/AIDS.  By providing such an environment where these children can be developed as healthy, educated, well-balanced individuals, these children will be capable of contributing back to their communities as responsible citizens, we can help in breaking the cycle.  

Our orphanage intends to provide free basic education for the resident children, with access to it's own public library and youth/women training centre (job creation centre). 

This is where you come in - your involvement can help bring this project to a long awaited close.  As a construction project, we need help molding bricks, laying bricks, plastering, mixing concrete, helping buying materials, helping in fixing floors and much more.  Volunteers are placed with host families in the community.  Working hours are 8:00 am till 2:00 pm Monday to Friday. Weekends and afternoons are free time.  Volunteers can also work in the existing orphanage after the construction work.

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