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Building classrooms, libraries, public facilities, youth centres, sports and recreation facilities as well as renovations.

Programme types: Projects

Avaliable in: Ghana Lesotho Nigeria South Africa Tanzania Togo

Featured Projects: Adafienu Orphanage

Featured Projects: SA Special Needs School


Construction projects are truly important in many areas of Africa. 

These projects include building of classrooms, libraries, youth centres, waterworks and wells, toilet facilities and sports and recreation centres as well as renovation work on existing buildings. Volunteers are needed to help with fixing the windows, doors, plumbing, electricals, concreting the floor, fixing the furniture in the classrooms, painting, art work and landscaping.  Such projects assist those forced to sleep on the streets; help getting clean water to drought stricken communities; address overcrowding and other hindrances to education; and prevent sanitation concerns from spreading disease.

Our programme offers architects and non-architects alike a chance to strengthen their skill set and expand their professional network.Together with donors and volunteers, we make a great impact on the lives of the disadvantaged and transform communities. Volunteers work and live with the people in the community and they quickly get immersed in the culture. The programme also provides an opportunity for the donors to see the empirical evidence of their donations.

Aside from physical activities to aid in constructions, volunteers may be asked assist in directing contractors, supervise other employees on site, assist in buying and transporting building materials to site and project management.

There are a number of specialised projects throughout West Africa that will feature from time to time.  Be sure to check these out if you'd like specific placement.

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