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General Programme Info

Accommodation and Meals

When working with STAESA, you have the option to be placed with a host family or be allowed to find independent accommodation if you so choose.

Host family accommodation: With the host family, you will have your own room and three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with your host family every day. You will do your own laundry with your hands. You will be integrated completely into the family and take part in their activities as well. Hence you will receive a unique insight into the culture and people of Africa. Your host family might be a married couple or a single person with or without children; they may or may not have pets. All the host families live close to local marketplaces, internet cafes, post offices, hospitals, and restaurants.

Independent accommodation: You can also choose to stay independently where you cook for yourself. The country or project coordinator will be available to teach you how to cook local dishes. STAESA can help you arrange accommodation in your country of choice.

With both host family and independent accommodation electricity and running water are available. In some countries and projects, there might not be running water available at all times; if this is the case, we will let you know beforehand.

Programme Fees

STAESA believes that people should not be denied an opportunity to help those in need just because the volunteer or internship programme is too expensive. Since STAESA is a non-profit organisation, we do not need to account for large staff and coordinator salaries.Instead, we operate as financially efficient as possible. For that reason, our programme fees are kept very low, while the quality of the programme remains high.

All our programme fees depend on your volunteer country and the duration of your stay.  You should note that the adventure and language programmes as they have their own special fees. Please contact us to enquire about your programme of choice.

What is included in the programme fee?

  • Airport Pick-Up: Arriving in a new country is always exciting. We want your arrival to be as relaxed as possible. One of our staff members will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your host family. He/she will be waiting for you at the arrival hall in the airport with a sign with your name on it. Our staff will then help you with anything you need on your trip to Africa.
  • Orientation Programme: Within the first days of your arrival your country coordinator will pick you up and show you around. We try to do the orientation with several volunteers simultaneously, so you can meet new people and get their contact info.
  • Accommodation: You can stay with a host family or independently.
  • All meals: 3 meals per day are offered with the host family (breakfast, packed lunch, and dinner).
  • On-demand Communication: For any questions, problems, or obscurities you can always contact your local country coordinator or drop us an email.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service: If there is an emergency, you can contact our main office in South Africa or our Executive Director directly. If the problem is serious, STAESA staff will be deployed to your country immediately to assist.
  • Stipends: You are given a stipend in local currency to make your stay more fun. Please note that the stipend is not a salary; it is just to cushion you while touching lives. To qualify for this stipend you should be ready to stay for more than 12 months with STAESA.

What is not included?

  • Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Flights
  • Transportation costs inside the country for personal travel and touring
  • Personal Expenses
  • US$75 processing fee, payable before your placement


STAESA offers discounts to our programme participants depending on how long they plan to stay, whether they come with a group, or on when they plan to arrive.

  • STAESA works with numerous companies that enable us to offer discounts on flight tickets. Please book your flight and send us the final invoice to enable us to calculate the percentage of the fee to be refunded to you. Please note that the fees will be refunded in local currency upon your arrival for your personal expenses.
  • If you plan to stay in Africa with STAESA for six months or more, you are eligible for a huge discount.
  • If you participate in a STAESA program between the months of November and March, you may be eligible for a discount on both your flight fare and program fee.Contact us for more detail.
  • If you are traveling with 5 or more people as a group with STAESA, you are eligible for a group discount. Please send us more information and we will tell you how much we can discount our price.

Price Comparison

We encourage you to compare our fees to those of the major organisations who also organise volunteer work in Africa and Asia – a number of whom are actually ‘for profit’ companies.

Remember that our prgoramme fees get you:

  • Private room with your host family
  • 3 meals per day
  • Drop off to project site daily
  • Full time supervision if needed
  • 24/7 support from local coordinators
  • Community orientation
  • Discount on airfares
  • Knowledge and satisfaction that you’re helping an NPO and the community, not profit

All this on top of potential discounts for groups, long stays and end of year placements.

Apply to STAESA Now

Your application is read thoroughly by your country coordinator. We encourage everyone to apply since our infrastructure can handle many more participants. We want more people to walk away with a great African experience, so we look forward to reading all your applications.

Send an email to with the following elements:

  1. Filled PDF application form
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Résumé

If you have problems saving or reading the PDF file, download and install the latest Adobe Reader. If you are still having problems, please contact us and we can provide you with another method of submitting your application.

If we accept your application, you will be notified via email