Christine S (Germany) | STAESA Testimonials

"It was the best decision to come to Ghana"

Ghana - 10 weeks

Teach Abroad. Amazing Children! Great Program!: Teaching at a School and Orphanage

Nearly every day I stayed at the orphanage and also assisted the teacher at school. I thought mathematics and English for students at stage 2 and 3. What I learned is that the teachers are always glad if you try to create the lessons very excited eg. If you invent interesting exercises or use pictures in order to explain something.

Free time

Like the others volunteers I visited many places in Ghana and travelled also to Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso. In Benin I visited Ganviet. It is a village with houses located on water. It was very in interesting painting by the wooden house. Furthermore, I travelled to Quidah ( Benin) a place with a slave history. You can walk or take the motor taxi to follow the slave road and visit the big gate of no return.

It was the best decision to come to Ghana. I learned to adopt to a new culture and gain new experiences. Although I missed my boyfriend very much, I had the chance to find out more about African social life in order to understand my boyfriend better. Im so glad that I took the opportunity to come to Africa , because for so many years I was dreaming of visiting this interesting continent. Had my dream became reality!

I promise to come back and then I can see all the people I met here back again. Ghana and Africa in general is a place that you have to visit once in your life time.

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